Deadeye fine art print

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Product Description

This photo features a rigging known as a Deadeye, and stirs up visions of ancient sea ships. Nothing like a little nautical history to get the imagination in gear. Deadeyes were used in the rigging of old-time sailing ships when the only working force on board was literally manpower. This old deadeye rigging was found in Kinsale, Ireland.

The name deadeye is thought to come from the resemblance to the eyes of a skull. Deadeyes were always used in pairs, although they are usually found singly, the lanyard between having long since rotted away.

These old deadeyes were constructed from very dense, hard woods. As a result, these articles often survive well in the sea, and may be recovered by divers in relatively good condition.

8x10 photographic art print, signed by the artist.

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2009 "Texas Eagle Gallery"