Patchwork Decor Transfer Set

$27.00 USD


Product Description

Bright, Bold, and Fun!
Details: 1 Design, 22" x 30" total, in 3 separate parts

Redesign Decor Transfers
Transform your home with our Decor Transfers. Exceptionally detailed and easy to apply, these transfers can be used on walls, furniture, wood, doors and many more surfaces. The possibilities are endless.

These transfers add that extra special touch to your projects! Simply pull off the backing, apply to desired surface and burnish with applicator tool over the entire image. Then remove acetate to reveal your image. They can be lightly sanded for an antiqued look using a very fine grit Sand paper.

* Easy to apply to any surface such as Canvas, wood and glass.
* Adds style and a professional Finish to DIY home decor projects such as Furniture and Wall decor.
* Large selection to Choose from to fit your design style.
* Can be used as one piece or used in separate pieces making the transfers versatile for any project you want to use them on.

Our physical shop in Jefferson Texas updates inventory each week. While we list our transfers here for your convenience, we may not always be up to date with in stock items. Purchasing now will allow us to set aside your transfer immediately. Should a shortage occur, your full payment price will be refunded immediately. We appreciate your understanding.

Patchwork Decor Transfer Set Patchwork Decor Transfer Set