Security Envelope Junkmail Jewels Earrings

$5.00 USD


Product Description

Beautiful paper earrings to show off your Living Green style! Unbelievably, these classy earrings are made with actual Junk Mail! Who knew the inside of a security envelope could be so beautiful? A glossy finish adds shine and strength.

Junk Mail Jewels origami earrings are made from recycled paper so each is One of a Kind. Your pair may differ slightly. They are folded, then sealed for protection and shine. They are delicate, but will hold up for years with proper care.

This pair measures approximately 1.5 inches long and hangs from hypoallergenic silvertone wires. Back side is white (just like the envelopes).

JunkMail Jewels will hold up well under normal wear and tear. However, we recommend you do not sleep, swim, or shower while wearing Junk Mail Jewels!

Security Envelope Junkmail Jewels Earrings Security Envelope Junkmail Jewels Earrings