VooDoo Doll Pincushion

$10.00 USD


Product Description

This VooDoo doll pincushion is the perfect place for any crafter to take out their frustrations and keep up with their pins at the same time! Designed after "one of those days" - this doll was made in the voodoo tradition of using the things you have at hand - sewing materials in my case. Your VooDoo doll will be as similar to this one as possible. We can send a photo before shipping if desired.

Traditionally, the doll’s intended purpose effects how it looks as well as how it's made. And these ancient practices don't always bring dark remedies. Voodoo dolls can also bring love, good luck, or prosperity.

Lore tells us that to use the doll you must get a personal item (clothing, hair, or any other item) belonging to the person you with to effect, and pin it to the doll.

I must tell you, just making this little fellow certainly made me feel better!

Last photo shows one of our voodoo dolls at work, helping to create a little FrankenFlower. You can buy your FrankenFlower pin separately at http://www.zibbet.com/slothmuffin/artwork?artworkId=104775

VooDoo Doll Pincushion VooDoo Doll Pincushion VooDoo Doll Pincushion VooDoo Doll Pincushion VooDoo Doll Pincushion